What is a Literary Midwife?

You can create and publish the book that you envision. But, like giving birth, writing a book is a complex, rich, and sometimes painful experience. When you are in the throes of creativity, it can seem impossible to have a useful perspective on your creation. An experienced writing coach supports you through the writing, then assists you in honing the book’s structure to make it accessible to the reader.

As a Literary Midwife, I can not only coach you through the writing process, helping you to develop a manuscript that flows well. I can also help you to design your book’s look and feel (including the cover), and then either publish your book for you, or coach you through the self-publication process. I can participate in your book as much or as little as you choose. You call the shots. It’s your baby!

Specializing in autobiography, self-help, and poetry.


Let a Literary Midwife Help You to Birth Your Book